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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

Proud members of D.I.A.C.  since 1992

Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire

3420 Pharmacy Ave, Unit 3
Scarborough, ON  M1W 2P7

Customer Service: 1-800-250-5111
for Canada

Tel. 416-499-7100 Fax. 416-694-1071

Exclusive Distributors of Bredent Products in Canada since 1991
Proud Distributors for Renfert USA
since 1991

dent-line is a subsidiary of Central Dental Ltd.

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At Dent-Line of Canada, we strive to create meaningful connections between people, ideas and dentistry. One click will access you to the information you need about our specialty products. We represent Bredent attachments and products and and sundries and SonicBrite, a battery powered sonic bath to clean dentures and other appliances.



Visit our Library to read about the latest in dental innovations and technical tips in our informative newsletter, the Dent-Liner.


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Click here to download your Bredent electronic catalogue in English!



Bredent catalogue

2012 Bredent Attachment Manual

Find out more information on the most popular and commonly used attachments from Bredent!

2012 attachments manual


VKS-OC / SG Retention Levels

A quick reference guide to the higher Super Snap Retention Levels to help extend the life of existing cases!

Super Snap Chart

Click here to download your Renfert electronic catalogue in English!


2011 2012 renfert catalogue