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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

Proud members of D.I.A.C.  since 1992

Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



dent-line of canada inc., 
3420 Pharmacy Ave Unit 3, Scarborough Ontario Canada M1W 2P7
Customer Service: 1-800-250-5111 for Canada
Tel. 416-499-7100 Fax. 416-694-1071
Exclusive Distributors of Bredent Products in Canada since 1991
Proud Distributors for Renfert USA since 1991


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SonicBrite is So Easy to Use... every one of your patients should have one!

Sonic Brite

Article number: 6619

The SonicBrite system combines our concentrated cleaner with a battery-powered sonic bath. Switch the machine on and in just 15 minutes, your patients’ dental appliances are powered to a whole new level of clean. This unique system kills 99.9% of the bacteria that cause odour, and removes stains safely and effectively. SonicBrite is so powerful that dental appliances are clean, fresh, and ready to wear in just 15 minutes!


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