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Renfert's Vario E & Hotty LED

  • The Vario E

    Article number: 14521000

    The Vario E saves time melting hardened wax. The selectively preheated waxes enable the flow of the wax to be precisely regulated. There are less stresses on the wax objects, which are more homogenous and much easier to carve.
    Vario E also for dipping copings
    • deeper wax wells are suitable for dipping copings.
    • no need to purchase a separate wax dipping unit.
    • when not being used for dipping, the well in question can be switched off independently.

    Technical Details

    • SET or ACTUAL temperature shown on LED display in °C or °F.  
    • The three pots can be controlled separately. Each of the pots can be switched on or off separately.  
    • Expanded temperature interval from 45°C (113ºF) to 110°C (230ºF). Processing light waxes with low melting points is now also possible.  
    • New pot design provides optimum flow of excess wax back into the pot from the rim. The deep pots are also suitable for dipping copings.  
    • Waxes are protected by lids during work breaks. The lid can be locked in place at a 120°-angle to save space in the work area.  
    • Glare-free view on the angled display. Control elements protected by a plastic cover for easy cleaning.  
    • Renfert recommends the special GEO Avantgarde modelling waxes.  
    • Small, compact construction. Ideal working height for relaxed modelling. Modern design in bright colours.  

    The Hotty LED

    Article number: 14611000

    Technical Details Hotty LED Display
    • display shows the set or actual temperature in °C or °F (can be set to either).
    • large luminous display.
    • can be set by individual degrees.
    • displays actual value.
    Touch Control Panel
    • protects the control elements from dirt.
    • easy to clean.
    • adjustable temperature setting from 60°C to 110°C (110-230°F).
    Wax Pot
    • the sloping edge of the pot permits wax to drip back into the pot.
    • unit remains cleaner.
    • even temperature throughout the pot.
    • excellent heat storage.
    • low height.
    • stable stand position.
    • the dipping pot is sealed with a lid during breaks.
    • even in closed position use and control is possible.
    Heating Process
    • continuous and quick heating up phase.
    • no overstepping the programmed temperature.
    • small temperature fluctuations are permanently balanced.