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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

Proud members of D.I.A.C.  since 1992

Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



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Exclusive Distributors of Bredent Products in Canada since 1991
Proud Distributors for Renfert USA since 1991


Renfert's Top Spin

The automatic laser pinhole drilling unit guarantees the highest drilling precision and enables a relaxed working position either sitting or standing. The powerful motor guarantees continuous easy drilling at 16,000 1/min. even on extra-hard plaster.

The laser beam
  • strong light, fine laser point.
  • easily recognised on all plaster colours and surfaces.
  • precise match to pinhole drill.

The pinhole drill

  • optimum access via lifting and fixture of model table.
  • tool-free drill bit replacement via quick clamping device.
  • 3 mm drill jig, easy replaced.
  • protection from plaster dust due to efficient seal.
  • engine stop function when changing drill bit.


  • on activating the main switch the unit is in STAND-BY mode.
  • on depressing the table the drill spindle is activated.
  • both counter-balances on the casing ensure easy and relaxed drilling.
  • designed for both standing and seated (16° angle) working positions.
  • clear view of model.
The casing
  • powder-coated cast aluminium casing.
  • compact, highly stable version.
two working positions via swivel foot on base:
  • parallel to the table,
  • tilted 16° forwards.

The model table

  • easy to move model table.
  • dual guide for highest precision.
  • perforations for removal of drilling dust.
  • easy to remove collection dish for plaster dust underneath the table.
  • individual, infinitely variable drill depth setting from 0–12 mm (0–0.47 inch) via knurled screw.
  • non-slip, even surface.