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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

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Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



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Repair denture intraorally or in-lab in minutes with Bredent’s new Qu-Resin and

Qu-Resin repairs teeth, flanges, cracks, extensions and additions. Use the
Qu-Connector to achieve perfect bonding with PMMA. Comes in pink and dentin and self-cures in just 3 minutes. No pressure pot
is ever needed! !

Qu Resin logo

Quick-setting, self-curing denture repair resin based on diacrylate for intraoral and extraoral (direct and indirect) use.

The perfect material when it comes to speed - regardless whether in practices or laboratories. Qu-resin rosa and Qu-resin dentin for standard processing in the laboratory and for direct use in situ. Qu-resin covers a wide indication range thanks to simple handling, quick setting and two colors (pink and dentin).
available in 2 colors (dentin/pink)

  • sets in 3 minutes
  • for intra- and extraoral (direct and indirect use)
  • self-curing resin in the cartridge, no pressure pot required
  • connector for bonding with other resins; can be activated with all UV units
  • excellent processing and polishing properties


cartridge qu-connector qu-resin

54001161       Qu-resin pink kit    
54001162      Qu-resin dentin kit  
54001163      Qu-Connector, 10 ml       
54001165      Qu-resin pink, 50 ml        
54001166      Qu-resin dentin, 50 ml     
32000450     Mixing Cannulas, 12pk
32000440      Dosing Device, ea

Material Saftey Data Sheet Qu Connector

Material Saftey Data Sheet Component K

Qu-Resin can be used chairside
The denture in position
the completed prosthesis
also perfect for repairs in the dental laboratory
The addition of the flange is applied directly in the cuspid area. The fitted denture has excellent trimming and polishing features Complete temporary denture utilising both pink and dentin Qu-resin. No pressure pots are required to cure Qu-resin and it sets in only three minutes.