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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

Proud members of D.I.A.C.  since 1992

Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



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Wax Pontics:

We stock betweens, hollow pontics and solid pontics.
Save time and be more efficient.
Between Starter Kits and Video
Hollow Pontic Blocks Starter Kits, Biotec and Aesthetic & Ergonomic Starter Kits
Large Assortments Available also.

Aesthetic ergonomic blocks for ceramic, äe-mkbl
Aesthetic ergonomic blocks for ceramic, äe-mkbl
Elements designed by Jan Langner according to the latest results of aesthetics. Ergonomic since the entire bridge structure can be finished with a single bur.

Available in packs of 25, or in assorted kits:
A02000MK,   36 piece introductory kit
A0218005,      90 piece kit
A0218010,    180 piece kit
A0218020,    360 piece kit 

Hollow pontic-blocks, hp-bl Hollow pontic-blocks, hp-bl
Hollow pontics in block form featuring the same design as the aesthetic and ergonomic elements. Low-cast fabrication of the structure since up to 42% less metal used.

Available in packs of 25, or in assorted kits:
A11000MK,   36 piece introductory kit
A1118005,      90 piece kit
A1118010,    180 piece kit
A1118020,    360 piece kit 

In-between pontics, bwg In-between pontics, bwg
The wax elements by Jan Langner have been shaped anatomically and feature perfect scarping and modeling properties. The betweens are quickly and individually adapted to the situation on the model by using Posifix, which is included in the set.

Available in packs of 25, or in assorted kits:
D00000MK,   108 introductory kit & free instructional video
D0054005,      270 piece kit
D0054010,      540 piece kit
D0054020,    1080 piece kit 

In-between pontics, bw-hg In-between pontics, bw-hg
Same design as the bwg, but hollow which allows for savings in metal.

Available in packs of 25, or in assorted kits:
D01000MK,   108 introductory kit
D0154005,    270 piece kit
D0154010,     540 piece kit
D0154020,    1080 piece kit 

Biotec Pontic Waxes

Biotec Waxpontics, b-mkbl-og
Bitoec metal ceramic blocks without collar b-mkbl og are auxilliary wax elements wtih properites similar to the Bitoec modeling waxes and have minimal burn-out residue. Bitoec Wax b-mkbl-og can be ordered in kits or individual packs of 25, 50 or 100.

Introductory Kit: 18 forms x 2, B13000MK
18 forms x 5 pieces B1318005
18 forms x 10 pieces B1318010
18 forms by 20 pieces B1318020