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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

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Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



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Polishing Wheels & Pastes
Star Brushes, Boar HairStar Brushes, Black, boar hair
58% more polishing power with a 90% longer service life. You polish twice as quickly and obtain an equalled lustre.

15 pieces each
13 mm dia., Order Number 5200 0130
19 mm dia., Order Number 5200 0190

Goat Hair Star BrushesStar Brushes, White, goat hair
The polishing brushes are made of goar hair to assure gentle, non-aggresive polishing.

15 pieces each.
13 mm dia. Order Number : 5200 0141
19 mm dia. Order Number : 5200 0151
cotton buffCotton buff
dia. 22 mm.
15 pieces
Order Number: 3500 0650
linen buffLinen buff
dia. 22 mm.
15 pieces
Order Number: 3500 0670
polishing buffPolishing buff
Felt, 3 layers
dia. 22 mm.
15 pieces
Order Number: 3500 0640
leather buffLeather buff

dia. 22 mm.
15 pieces
Order Number: 3500 0660

Abraso Star K50 & K80

Abraso Star K80 & 50; 320 grams
Low & High Shine for metals. K50 can also be used for acrylic hi shine.
K80 Order Number: 5200 0162
K50 Order Number: 5200 0161

Pumice Paste

Pumice Polishing Paste
Low aggressive polish for metals and acrylics.
3 x 500 gram bar
Order Number: 5200 0160

Material Saftey Data Sheet

Abraso Star GlanzAbraso Star Glanz, 
High Lustre Polishing Paste.

High lustre paste for metals and acrylics.
2 x 50 ml.
Order Number: 5200 0163

Material Saftey Data Sheet 

Acrypol High Lustre PasteAcrypol High Lustre Paste
Slightly abrasive materials create a virtually perfect hugh lustre. Simply polishing over the surface with cotton buff is all that's needed to produce a perfect high lustre.

Acrypol High Lustre Paste for facing acrylics.

Order Number: 5200 0170

Material Saftey Data Sheet

Diamond Polishing PasteDiamond Polishing Paste for Porcelain
This polishing paste has a high content of diamonds and does not fly off an application, but instead spreads over the porcelain surface, thus requiring less paste while polishing and ensuring better value with less material used. This paste can be used on composites and all forms of ceramics.

Diamond Polishing Paste for Porcelain:
5 grams      Order Number 5400 0140

Material Saftey Data Sheet

Felt Wheels; unmounted, dia. 12 mm.
100 pieces, Order Number 3500 0710

Z-PolishDiamond Polishing Paste for Zirconia
This diamond impregnated paste is very aggressive and perfect for Zirconia polishing!

Diamond Polishing Paste for Zirconia:
5 grams      Order Number 3601 0025