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The Dent-Liner
Volume 4 Issue  1                                                              Winter 2000


Over Denture Design
One of our dental lab customers recently discussed an interesting case with us. The lab had received a lower rubber base impression that was edentulous except for the lower left centrals, cuspid and the 1st and 2nd bicuspid. The dentist had prepared the abutments to approximately 4 mm, and selected an over denture as appliance of choice. The treatment plan was to provide adequate retention for the patient and to preserve and stabilize the abutment teeth.  Moreover the dentist did not want to devitalise the abutment retainers to provide root cap attachments as was done in the upper. The decision was  to splint all five abutments with a one piece gold alloy (450 HV Recommended), that would prevent movement and be an  effective stabiliser. To reduce torque, the area of the splinted abutments must be passive when the denture base is completely seated even under very little compression. A telescopic effect was created with the denture base over the splinted gold framework to provide horizontal and vertical stabilisation. To facilitate retention the Bredent OC mini male attachments were placed mesially and distally off the free end abutments. The plastic OC male burnout pattern was adjusted to the gingiva and blended into the waxed abutment to provide  a smooth exterior. The Bredent mini was selected because it offers many advantages, such as superior aesthetics. The complete attachment is small and hidden in the denture base. Once it has been inserted it only requires a gentle snap in to engage the retention sleeve. There is also improved hygiene since the open embrasures provide space for self acting rinsing and cleaning. The gingival papilla is not disturbed and may be easily accessed and stimulated. Design flexibility is assured with angles of 30 and 60 degrees that can be adapted to situations by fitting it to the abutments or the gingiva. Three retention choices are also available to extend the life of the restoration. In conclusion after providing retention, horizontal and vertical stabilisation, the neutral zone of the over denture should be restored. (see Dent-Liner Fall 98 Issue; visit our Library at for all Dent-Liner back issues). The neutral zone takes in the balanced forces of the tongue, periodontal musculature, cheeks and lips. Any interference in the neutral zone may cause patient discomfort or may contribute to failure of the over denture. Although proper attachment selection is important, it is only a part of the overall approach to successful outcomes in the laboratory and in the dental chair. Source;  Peter T. Pontsa RDT. January 5, 2000.

For more information on all the Bredent attachments or products call 1-800-250-5111 or e-mail us at dent-line of canada inc.

New from Bredent - Exaktosil C
Introducing Exaktosil C Silicone Putty
Uses range from occlusal patterns, to duplication for crown and bridge diagnostics to ceramics and acrylic partials and repairs. It is available in 2.75 lb. base and 1 tube of hardener. Refer to the next article for test results.


Exaktosil C Tested
Three tests have proven the superior properties of Exaktosil C. Evidence was provided that  requirements according to DIN ISO EN # 53 505, # 53 507, and #24 823 were met. The hardness test using the durometer, indicated a high protection rate against deformation. The resistance to tear test ensures the durability of the silicone matrixes even when  they are exposed to considerable stress. The recovery test shows a high recovery rate of 99.2 %, which ensures the precise transfer of information and reduces grinding . Recently the material was tested by Uwe Mohr master dental technician in a Toronto lab. Uwe said that "it's very good stuff" and "that  the material is more accurate than the regular putties I've used. "Prostodontists will like the results with this putty". One of the qualities of the silicone putty is that it has a particularly soft consistency so that precise  adaptation of the  material to difficult accessible areas is simplified. The fine reproduction of details and high stability of Exaktosil silicone putty provides accurate matrixes so that reliable and efficient processing is ensured. For test and product information sheet, contact us at 1-800-250-5111.

Bredent's International Idea Contest
In order to continuously improve the quality of dentistry globally and through the new millennium, Bredent is sponsoring an international competition. The challenge is to draw on your experience, creativity and innovative capacities and share them with the dental community. Bredent welcomes ideas and suggestions for the benefit and improvement of the entire field of dental techniques, including the following:

* new products
* optimising procedures and processes
* quality improvements
* saving materials and work

Your ideas will be rated by a neutral international  panel. Participants can win the following prizes and participate in the percentage of sales of your idea.

1st prize 10,000 Marks,
2nd prize 6,000 Marks;
a total of 15 cash prizes will be awarded at the  International Dental Show in Cologne Germany on April 2001.

Contest ends  Sept. 30, 2000. For your entry form please contact Dent-Line at 1-800-250-5111 or visit or call Bredent at 49-89-6661-2944.

Technorama 2000
It is our pleasure to invite you once again to join us at the annual Technorama exhibition. The Millennium Event takes place at the Inn on The Park, Centennial Ballroom, 1100 Eglinton Ave., Toronto Ontario. The important dates are Friday April 14th, from    3 p.m. to 9 p.m. followed by a social event for every one who attends. Saturday April 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The 2 day program will have exhibitors and seminars designed just for you. Visit us at booth # 6 for the latest products. For information call 1-800-250-5111.

Innova's Bone Distractor
Recently Innova won approval from the U.S. Food and  Drug Administration for their Bone Distractor. Distraction osteogenesis is the biologic process of gradually lengthening bone through surgical ostecotomy and application of an appliance to gradually distract bone ends apart. First described by Itizarov, new bone forms in the area of the distracted gap when distraction is performed at an appropriate rate. As the bone is lengthened, distraction of the surrounding tissues also occurs. These techniques may be applied to mandibular lengthening and avoids hip or rib grafting and associated complications. Look for this new product soon. Source: Innova News.

The Dent-Liner; Vol. 4, No. 1
Publisher: Peter T. Pontsa RDT
Editor: A. Van Breemen BA