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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

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Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



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Die Spacers, Liquids
UV Die Spacer, opaque 
Opaque, 20 ml.
The die varnish diffuses into the stone and after curing leads to abrasion resistant surfaces which even steam cleaners can't remove.
Red & Green available, Blue in stock

Material Safety Data Sheet
UV Die Spacer, translucent UV Die Spacer, 20 ml., Translucent
The colour becomes more intense on additional applications so that layer thickness can be controlled. Surfaces become hard as glass.

blue        5400 1000
red          5400 1003
yellow     5400 1004
green      5400 1005
clear        5400 1006

Material Safety Data Sheet

Hardening Agent
Hardening Agent
It diffuses into the stone so that it can be used on the preparation margin or anywhere where scratch resistance is required.

20 ml,             Order Number 5500 0001
100 ml bottle   Order Number 5500 0002

Material Safety Data Sheet

Blue Die Spacer
When fitting the crowns, the blue die spacer leaves a blue colour to indicate any undesired pre contact points which can then be removed prior to seating the crown.
Order Number: 5500 0007 Blue, 20 ml
Material Safety Data Sheet

Order Number: 5400 0690 Thinner, 20 ml
Material Safety Data Sheet
Gold Die Spacer

Silver, Gold Silver-Blue Die Spacers
Air drying varnishes with metal components for scratch resistant surfaces. 

These die spacers can be applied easily since they dry quickly thus saving work time.

Both die spacers produce a layer thickness of approximately 10 microns. One layer of the silver blue die spacer produces a thickness of 5 microns.

Order Number: 5500 0005, 20 ml, gold 
Order Number: 5500 0717, 20 ml, silver

Material Safety Data Sheet

Order Number: 5400 0701, 20 ml, thinner for gold and silver

Material Safety Data Sheet

Oxyde Stop PM, 20 ml.

PM: Prevents oxidation of all precious and many semi-precious alloys.

Oxyd-Stop-PM order number: 52000650
Material Safety Data Sheet

Oxyd-Stop Thinner order number: 52000670
Material Safety Data Sheet

Retention Beads / Crystals
0.2mm, 20mL - 53000480
0.5mm, 20mL - 53000500
0.8mm, 20mL - 53000510

Material Safety Data Sheet

Retention Adhesive: 20 ml. 
Order Number: 54000712
Material Safety Data Sheet

This new type of retention adhesive prevents any capillary effect when the retention beads are sprinkled into it.

Ropak:     Light curing pink opaque, 20 ml.
Order Number: 54000133
Material Safety Data Sheet
UV Cured pink coloured opaque for masking chrome cobalt prior to adding the acrylic. When the opaque is applied to the frame works, the chrome becomes invisible inside the acrylic. Cures in approximately 2 minute.

Kompaktopaker:  UV Tooth Shade
Oder Number: 54000105
Material Safety Data Sheet

10 ml UV Cured tooth shade for masking chrome cobalt frame works prior to adding denture teeth or tooth acrylic.
Silicone & Wax Debubblizer Silicone & Wax Debubblizer
750 ml. Order Number 5400 0705

Improves the flow characteristics of gypsum
on wax and silicone impressions.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Spray bottle for debubblizer Spray Bottle
125 ml. spray bottle also available.
Order Number 5400 0750
Plaster Insulating Liquid
  • The plaster insulating liquid soaks into the plaster and seals the surface without layering. 
  • The spray bottle insulates large areas within a short time.
  • Gap free fit ensures maximum precision.
  • The plaster insulating liquid allows for easy separation of the base and arch without any damage.
Order Number: 54000135

Material Safety Data Sheet
isoplast Isoplast ip
Isole le plâtre de la résine et donne une résine très brillante en surface.

Order Number: 5400 1019

Material Safety Data Sheet

isoplast at work