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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

Proud members of D.I.A.C.  since 1992

Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire



dent-line of canada inc., 
3420 Pharmacy Ave Unit 3, Scarborough Ontario Canada M1W 2P7
Customer Service: 1-800-250-5111 for Canada
Tel. 416-499-7100 Fax. 416-694-1071
Exclusive Distributors of Bredent Products in Canada since 1991
Proud Distributors for Renfert USA since 1991



Aesthetic GnathoFlex
Flexible, re-usable silicone moulds for creating wax, acrylic or ceramic occlusals.
  • Produce wax occlusals in 40 seconds!
  • Produce acrylic occlusals in 90 seconds!
  • Product porcelain occlusals in 180 seconds!
  • Introductory Kit & Video available.
Gnatho Flex Premiium

Premium GnathoFlex

The Premium Gnatho-Flex is designed with even more occlusal detail to obtain a life like occlusal surface that is created in just seconds! The Premium GnathoFlex is available in sizes A, B & C and can be purchased as a 48 piece kit with 8 lower and 8 upper pieces in the three sizes. Smaller 16 piece kits of Size A, B & C are also available.

429P0008 48 piece kit, 16 each of Size A, B & C

429P000A, 16 pieces Size A

429P000B, 16 pieces Size B

429P000C, 16 pieces Size C

How to use Gnatho-Flex

Labial Bow Pliers

Produce perfectly symmetrical labial bows within a short time.

Pliers:       Order Number: 32000930
Template: Order Number: 32000920

Mamelon Cutter
  • Simplifies the incisal design of ceramic crowns
  • Gain time with the incisal layering technique with the help of the mamelon cutter. 
  • Instrument includes large and small mamelon cutter for upper and lower jaw incisors.
Order Number: 310 0000 1
Large Mamelon cutter for upper jaw incisors.
Small Mamelon cutter for lower jaw incisors.

Spot Clip
  • The spot clip covers only a tiny spot of the surface to be veneered. 
  • The based material can be easily applied around the holding spot of the clip. 
  • After removing the Spot Clip, the aqueous base material fills the holding spot of the slip. This way uniform smooth layer of base material is obtained.
Order Number: 310 0000 5