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D.I.A.C. - Dental Industry Association of Canada

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Dental Industry Association of Canada
Association Canadienne de l'Industrie Dentaire

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since 1991

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uv tray material Tray material UV
Highly stable light curing resin for trays
and base plates.
Tray material UV, band type
2.5 mm x 90 mm,
1350 grams
Order Number 5400 0166

Dentaplast kfo Dentaplast KFO, Orthodontic Modelling Resin
The high resistance to fracture and low polymerization shrinkage allows for all types of design with optimum precision of fit.

Dentaplast KFO        Order Number    Quantity
Powder                     5400 0183          100 grams
Liquid                        5400 0184          100 ml.
Powder                     5400 0185          500 grams
Liquid                        5400 0186          500 ml.
Powder                     5400 0187          1000 grams
Liquid                        5400 0188          1000 ml

Material Safety Data Sheet Powder
Material Safety Data Sheet Liquid

kfo tinsel
Dentaplast KFO tinsel.

The seven different coloured tinsels allow the patient to choose their favorite one for their appliance.


Colours available: 
Anthracite, Green, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red, Colour Mixture.

Material Safety Data Sheet


Pi-Ku-Plast Pi-Ku-Plast, Modelling Resin
Pi-Ku-Plast has accurate and optimum contouring properties.
It will not slump while modelling and the precision achieved allows
it to be used for assembling bars and bridgework for soldering
purposes. It can also be used for transfer copings and telescopic
crown patterns.

Assortment Red Only, Order Number 5400 0176

Material Safety Data Sheet Cleaner
Material Safety Data Sheet Monomer
Material Safety Data Sheet Polymer
Material Safety Data Sheet Seperating Varnish
Material Safety Data Sheet HP36 Cleaner
Material Safety Data Sheet HP36 Monomer
Material Safety Data Sheet HP36 Polymer